Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hi Summer

Well it seems that we're well into the rainy season again here, high summer. Several times in the last couple of weeks I've been thwarted by the rainy, showery weather.

Still things are growing a pace. The annuals sown in a bed along one edge are comming on fine with some of the poppies flowering already. The lettuces sown earlier in the year we're now able to pick and eat, even though they're only small. More seeds have been sown for more salads and they're emerging. The potatoes are starting to flower and we'll soon start to dig those up as we need them - we've finished the ones sown in the veg beds at home now. At home the broad beans are at a nice edible size and are getting used.
Still there is plenty to keep us busy. The grass always needs keeping on top of - I've started to try and dig over some of the grassed areas rather than having to keep cutting it all by hand. Planning for what we should be doing in the plot over winter should be happening now as well - where more permanent beds and plantings should be. What sort of fruit we want and where - I like the idea of an edible hedge with hazel, sloes, plums, roses, hops and things like that growing through it, nice to look at and nice to eat.