Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The New Plot

So we've got a half plot on some very new allotments in the village. We did wonder if we'd left it too late to get anything, thankfully that was not the case. I only got the call confirming this earlier on in the week so now it's all to be done there.

This shows the full plot just over a week ago (we've got till somewhere after the metal pole) after several weeks of dry and warm weather. It was a field used as rough pasture that has been ploughed up so lots of weeding to be done to get those perennial roots out of the ground.

When I went up to have a look at the site after being told we'd got a plot it was much more lush. That's what a bit of water in this warm weather will do.

So now to get some stuff in. We've seed potatoes, onion sets to start with and a lot of seed to try out as and when we can get to clear areas for beds.
In the long term there are all sorts of ideas about fruit trees, edible hedges, sheds and so on but for now there are lots of jobs that need doing.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The dreaded opening post

Well here I am. As ever unfashionably late to the party, sliding along the blunt butter knife of technology with a blog.
Another monkey at the typewriter so don't expect Shakespeare.

Why now, well I suppose why not. I've been thinking about it for a while and now it's here. We've just taken on a new allotment in the village so that seemed as good a spur as any.

What this won't be (I hope) is just another allotment blog detailing what we can get going on the plot but I hope it will record some of that. It won't just be a blog about living with type 1 diabetes, though that will feature. It won't just be about beer, music, transport, photos or other things exclusively. I hope it will be a blog about all my life and interests, so welcome in and hopefully enjoy.