Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What to do with radishes?

I think the post title says it all really. What to do with too many radishes?
Now when you sprinkle the packet of seed along the drill in the carefully prepared bed little do you expect that all the seeds will germinate, nor even most of the seeds. A few to come through here and there will do. After all there are only so many radishes you can eat. So now there here they're growing fast and something needs to be done.
I think that the answer will be composting. We're now at the point where we have to start making a heap for compost. The rough couch grass is growing very well on the uncultivated areas and needs to be cut back - an hour or two with the shears this evening I think. That will form the basis for the pile. We may get round to constructing some sort of bin system but first we would have to decide where it's going to go.Grass clippings and some stuff from the manure pile should be a good start.
That and some radishes.

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